Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Skills for Everyone

Digital Marketing Skills

Let’s understand some questions related to Digital marketing skills:-

What are digital marketing skills?

Why are digital marketing skills in demand?

Why does everyone need to learn digital marketing skills?

What are the digital marketing skills jobs available?

How you can become digital marketing skills, specialist?

We are going to discuss Digital marketing skills in detail to understand them very well and get answers to all the above questions.

Digital marketing skills are the new-age marketing skills that everyone needs for survival. When we talk about survival it’s not only about business here we are talking about survival for every individual. We need these skills for getting jobs, growing in our career, business growth, selling/promoting products and services.

These Digital marketing skills are in demand in every market in Africa/Asia/Europe …..

These skills are consist of doing search marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, and analyzing these marketing activities and results.

Let’s understand some of the digital marketing skills:-

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): In simple word, SEO is a display of your website/blog/post at the top of the search page, when someone looks for a product/service you offers or similar to that. In SEO 3 things are there:-

SEO Marketing

    1. Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu AOL. …  These are the sites where people search for your things and see results for the same.
    2. Online presence of Product/Services: To be seen online or found by your audience/customer you must have one presence it can be informed or website/blog or other online platforms. Customer is searching online on the web, so if you are not there how they will see you.
    3. Keywords: Keywords are the Key to SEO, these help navigate search engines to your website/blog. In absence of a proper keyword, you may not be seen by your target audience. If someone is looking for maths tuition in his area and your website/blog/post is not have related to keywords to maths, your will not visible to them.

So, in order to get found by your audience, you must study and implement SEO. This is one of the free marketing skills/tools you can use. Read more about SEO

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM – paid advert): You might have heard the terms CPC (Cost-per-click), PPC (pay-per-click) as you can see here it directly talks about cost and pay based on our advert. It means here we are paying to search engine service providers to display our advert when they search. The majority of SEM is done by google paid advertisements. Based on your advert setup and keyword planning your advert seen by users. You are charged by a search engine based on user action in your advert planning.

Paid Marketing

Without good SEM skills, your money gets wasted as your advert will not show to the right audience.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM): Using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. for the promotion of your product/services. You can do promotion here with posts/text/images or videos. The best thing about social media is you can do paid or free promotions also for small or individual businesses you do need to have your website.

Social Media Marketing

For doing basic SMM you no need great knowledge or high-end devices, it can be done by using a basic smartphone with an internet connection. SMM is the most essential part of digital marketing skills. Read more 

4. Lead Generation: In online marketing, your lead is your customer, basically lead is information about your prospective customer. By having this information you can get in you with them using messages, email, phone calls. There are various tools available online for the generation of these leads, we can also do online marketing for these leads.  Broadly we can divide these leads into the below-mentioned categories. However based on our interaction, importance, and usage we can create different stages for these leads for better understanding and sending the right message to the right person at right time.

  1. Business to Business ( B to B)
  2. Business to Customer ( B to C)

5. Email Marketing & Marketing Automation: Another skill that you need as a digital marketer is Email marketing and most important is creating marketing automation. By email marketing, we share information about products/services along with promotions and offers we do from time to time. In current days’ time this best and cost-effective way in constant touch with our customers.

Email Marketing Skills

We need to create marketing automation based on different stages of our leads, that helps in sending different communication automatic to different stages of leads without any human intervention.

6. Content Marketing: In nowadays we drive sales or attention through content, in absence of good content most of the time we fail to get attention and subsequent sale. Content can be in form of text, posts, images, or videos. In digital marketing skills content is the king, king content drives your digital marketing.

Content Marketing Skills

7. Affiliate marketing: If we need to grow fast we need some good associates in our business or in marketing activity. Using this skill is not just about the promotion of each other’s products but sharing revenue among each other.

Affiliate Marketing

8. Business Analytics: One of the last and most important skills is doing business analytics. No activity is complete without proper analysis of the activity. In the digital space, there are some great tools available for doing analysis of your data, one of the most used tools is google analytics which gives full details on details activity. Apart from google-analytics another platform also has analytics tools like Facebook has Pixel.

Business Analytics Skills

Now we have understood some of the digital marketing skills and we can now clearly see that these skills are needed for everyone irrespective of product/service or market or person. There are some more digital marketing skills, tools and techniques are available that you can search gain as your start practicing the same.

You can learn these skills for through online or offline with little investment:-

For learning in physical classes in Kenya you can visit: Edulink International College, Nairobi

There are other resources also available online and offline, so please do some research on the same.

I will be sharing some more insight in the future, till then keep learning.

Sudhir Gupta