Digital Deepak Internship Programme (DDIP)

After some speculation and thinking about how cashback is going to work and what these young minds are going to teach me, who don’t believe in the Education system.

I joined DDIP batch 18 on 19th Jan-22, I remember the date very well as that was the life-changing step I had taken.

The First session started by Jayant and that is more than enough to tell you that your investment is in the right place. To the point, but very humble person with Ocean of Knowledge. A Simple Piece of advice, don’t ever miss his session.

The First video release on 21st Jan, 22 “Success mindset”, will change your life completely. It will change the way you think and work. After this session I have started my series of lectures “Be the 1 in 100” and it’s getting responses like anything

So, every week video got released and we were forced to study and do the assignment. All the assignments will push you out of your comfort zone. A person like me, who doesn’t like reading, writing, and publishing is doing all these things and improving day by day.

Just to tell you that, I got all my cashback without any delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me be specific about DDIP:-

  1. Excellent course for action taker in any field of life
  2. This is a life-changing course, don’t just take a Digital Marketing course
  3. Get ready to Learn, Teach, Apply, and Earn ………………………
  4. Course features, you can see from everywhere

Caution: If you don’t want to take action and don’t want to come out of your comfort zone then don’t join this course.

Let me talk about the team members,

Digital Deepak (DD): I can’t write about this person, you can talk to him about anything and discuss anything (Except your and his girlfriend (J). If you want to learn about this guy, please do google and you will understand the reason why I am saying “I can’t write about it”

Jayant P: To the point, but very humble person with Ocean of Knowledge. A Simple Piece of advice, don’t ever miss his session.

Kamna Jain: The Doctor in the team, will not give advice to you till the time she will not do a proper diagnosis of the issue. Like a good doctor, she doesn’t work on symptom and try to get into the root cause.

Abhishek Sharma : “Chota packet bada damaka” don’t go for his age and look. Just dive with him into the area of performance marketing

Not have much interaction with other big-name Yogesh Aggarwal, Divya Kothari, and so on. But, they are also hidden gem for Team DD.

Happy learn from Team DD and wish all the best

Sudhir Gupta (