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5 Easy Ways to make Work From Home more Productive

Are you working from home for the employer?
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Are doing online study from home?

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Work from Home (WFH) or studying online is the new normal for most of us. Some of us were doing this earlier also, however during and covid-19 this has become a necessity for the survival of companies and students.

As we know there are two sides to everything in life, there are some positive and negative aspects to everything. Similarly, there are both sides to working from home and most of us know it very well. We can’t eliminate the negative side completely of working from home, however by applying some of the below-mentioned ways we can improve on some to make it more productive.

So, here are the 5 Easy ways to make productive

1. Have a Proper Workstation Setup

Normally people think that having a laptop or desktop is enough for doing work from home. Even some think that having just a smartphone is more than enough for the delivery of a project or completion of a task.

No, that is not enough. You should have a proper working desk and good suitable working conditions to achieve full productivity. This place can be anywhere in your home except the common room.

10 essential accessories for work from home workstation

1. Comfortable working environment as per weather of location: It’s important to have this area for you working, please organise this place in such a way that give positive energy and you feel happy while working. You can use air-condition/fan/ heater as per weather requirements.

2. Comfortable sitting chair: Work from home job that required 100% sitting on the chair and advisable to have a comfortable sitting chair that gives the right posture to your back born while sitting. Please don’t sit on the bed or sofa while working.

3. Work desk: standard work desk with space for keeping laptop/ desktop along with some space for keeping writing pad. It will be good to have a table with a drawer for keeping your stuff organized in one place.
4. Laptop or Desktop: It’s a must to have, based on your job requirement you can choose any of these. Please avoid working from smartphones.

5. Good Internet speed: This is one of the main requirements for working from home online, without it you can’t do anything. Go for the best speed based on your requirement, please plan for a backup line if possible.

6. Power back-up arrangement: It’s good to have a power back-up plan for at least your Laptop/desktop along with your Wi-Fi Connection. You can plan for UPS as a power backup option.

7. Wi-Fi Expender: Wi-Fi expender is advisable when you are a little far from the main Wi-fi router, it helps you in giving better speed and connectivity.

8. Surge protector: In case you have a frequent power cut or power fluctuation it’s a must to have a surge protector to save your devices from getting damaged doing to power fluctuation.

9. Headphones with mic: Having good headphones with a mic is always good for attending an online meeting for training. This also helps in reducing the disturbance of other people at home.

10. Webcam: Most laptops have an inbuilt webcam, for desktops please take one.

2. Make Your Routine

WFH RoutingWhile working from home or even doing a freelancing job it’s important to have a fixed routine, without having fixed routing you will feel busy all day and not able to finish your task on time. That will not only affect your performance however will you not be able to give proper time to your family/personal life. Once you have a fixed routine you know what needs to be done and when and how much time you have to complete daily tasks.

Daily routine should have the following:-

· Work start and end time
· Lunch and tea break time
· Working or meeting timings
· Your reading/ learning time
· You can add many more things based on your work schedule

You need to note one thing here you are getting paid by your employer for working from home, so ideally it’s not your time it’s your office time and you need to devote that time to work with honesty and sincerity.

If you have some personal work or not feeling fine, please take holiday instead of taking the benefit that we are working from home and no one is here to check on you. Please avoid these practices completely.

3. Minimize Distraction

It’s 100% advisable to go minimum distraction while working online from home, distraction can be in any form like a family gathering, social media, watching TV, etc.

Any kind of distraction is very harmful to your productivity, once get distraction it takes a lot of time to come back on track and restart your work.

5 Things you need to avoid for great productivity without any distraction

1. Any sort of social media while working
2. Watching TV/Netflix/ Match etc.
3. Family/social gathering while working or attending a meeting
4. Eating or setting in a common area while working
5. Multitasking, don’t do more than one task at one time. It divides your focus and reduces productivity

4. Take Care of Your Health

Please take care of your overall health very well, health issue is one of the major issues has come during work from home. Some tips for keeping yourself healthy:-

o Take short breaks that help in reenergize yourself and increase productivity
o Do regular exercise or yoga
o Do some sitting exercise while working, that help you fresh
o Take healthy food, avoid too much tea/coffee, reduce sugar intake
o Drink water regularly, and keep your water bottle or jug on your workstation
o Do daily meditation
o Listen to some good music

5. Read Books and Upgrade Yourself

One of the benefits of working from home is that you have enough free time as you save a lot of office traveling time, it’s advisable to carefully invest this time in your personal and professional growth.

· Read Some Good Books

· Upgrade your knowledge and education, now a day’s good number of universities and institutions are offering online academic and professional education. Some of the sites offering online education are as below:=

o Edureka is an online training provider with live and self-paced courses for working professionals.
o FutureLearn Limited provides new skills, 100% online and in your own time, with world-class universities and experts.
o Pearson Education (InformIT) is the online presence of the family of information technology publishers and brands of Pearson, the world’s largest education company, and your one-stop resource for qualified content, including DRM-free eBooks, to help you do your job better.

I hope, you like reading these tips and will apply them for the best productive work from home.

Happy Work From Home!!!!

Keep Learning, Keep Growing, Keep Sharing

Sudhir Gupta